Fiber Optic Cable

Cable: Fiber Optic Cable

For high performance over a long distance, data networking and telecommunications, there’s no better option than fiber optic cables. Higher bandwidth means higher capacity, so you can take your business higher. Discount Low Voltage hosts a wide selection of fiber optic cables for your networking needs. 
Shop our multimode 62.5/125 fiber cable, singlemode 9/125 fiber cable and multimode 50/125 fiber cable categories. Each type of cable is conveniently available as indoor/outdoor, strictly indoor, direct burial or aerial/burial in duct. The 62.5/125 fiber cable, singlemode 9/125 fiber cable also come in a figure-8 style, while the multimode 50/125 fiber cable features duplex and simple patch cord fibers. 
Our indoor/outdoor cabling is compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t skimp on the high performance. All indoor/outdoor models feature a UV-resistant, moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and water-resistant outer jacket. 
Indoor-specific cabling is dense and flexible, perfect for linking up your office servers. If you need something to stand up to harsh industrial environments or pests, opt for a plenum-armored cord. Perfect for manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses and other similar environments. 
Designed for campus backbones, direct-burial cables are great for voice, data, video and imaging applications. They are also UV-resistant, moisture-resistant and fungus-resistant, with the added distinction of being gel-free for optimal water blocking. Corrugated steel tape armor keeps the rodents out, too. 
Arial/duct burial fiber optic cables are rugged enough to stand both indoor and outdoor spaces. Installing your cables above you gives you quick access and lowers your chance of fiber damage. 
Figure-8 cables are self-supporting aerial cables. With one-step installation and standard hardware, you’ll have your network up and running in no time. They’re also compatible with any telecommunications-grade optical fiber for increased versatility. 
Duplex and simplex patch cord fiber optic cables provide a great link to future endeavors. As technology improves, this cable will give you the freedom to grow with it.