Ceiling Cable Entry

CTS-CPP-4-H-1 (284px).jpg

Cable Tech Solutions 24"x7" Suspended Ceiling Cable Penetration Plate w/ 4" Cutouts (includes one riser tube)

Base Price: $

Price: $62.95

Additional per foot: $62.95


Cable Tech Solutions 24"x15" Suspended Ceiling Cable Penetration Plate w/ 4" Cutouts (includes one riser tube)

Base Price: $

Price: $68.99

Additional per foot: $68.99

CTS-CPP-4-R (284px).jpg

Cable Tech Solutions 4" Plenum Riser Tube

Base Price: $

Price: $19.98

Additional per foot: $19.98


Specified Technology Inc. EZ-Path Smoke and Acoustical Ceiling Pathway

Base Price: $

Price: $63.99

Additional per foot: $63.99

Whether by preference or necessity, many property owners choose to feed their cabling through their ceilings. To be safely and securely directed through ceilings, special cable ceiling entry equipment is required for optimal structural integrity and ease of use. Today’s cable ceiling entry products eliminate the need for time-consuming and laborious uni-strut structure-building and can instead be easily installed to discreetly hold cable conduits from behind a ceiling tile.
The brand-name cable ceiling entry products in our inventory at Discount Low Voltage are designed for a number cabling layouts and applications and built with industry-leading materials for uncompromising strength and performance where you need it most. Read on to learn more about the benefits and features of our available cable ceiling entry equipment and order yours with us today!

Comprehensive Cabling Fixtures for Your Ceilings

Cable ceiling fixtures have three primary benefits: safety protection and appearance. The first benefit - cable ceiling fixtures provide structural reinforcement for ceilings housing and directing cables. This is especially important for work environments that use drop-ceilings, which are relatively low-duty and lightweight. Cable ceiling fixtures also provide protection for the cables themselves as they are threaded through ceiling openings. The third benefit, appearance, is helpful for businesses who would like their cables to look organized and secure. Ceiling cable fixtures are much more presentable than ad-hoc holes or randomly-strewn cables in the work environment. Your clients and coworkers will notice the difference.

Dropped Prices for Your Drop Ceiling Applications
At Discount Low Voltage we carry a variety of cable ceiling-entry products ideal for drop ceilings and other commercial cabling applications. In our inventory, you’ll find both penetration plates and protection tubes, both in several sizes and configurations. The best part is, they’re available to order now at wholesale prices. Find a product for your business by browsing our inventory and order with our team today!