Reference#: 72520

Item#: PLUG-597

Item Weight: lb
Price: $25.40
Base Price: $
Additional per foot: Price: $25.40
Use this RJ-45 modular plug to terminate your own custom CAT-5e cables. Cut and strip your cable, then insert each of the eight wires into the eight small holes on the plug, making sure the appropriate color goes in each slot.

For wiring such as RJA1X, RJA2X, RJA3X, RJ37X, RJ31X, RJ14, RJ25, RJ61, T568A, T568B, RJ11C, RJ11W, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14, RJ16, RJ17, RJ18, RJ19, RJ25, RJ31, RJ32, RJ33, RJ34, RJ35, RJ36, RJ37, RJ38, RJ41, RJ42, RJ43, RJ45, RJ46, RJ47, RJ48, RJ1DC, RJ71C, RJA1X, RJA2X and 110 Wiring color key
Clear in color, making it easy to see if the wires are lined up correctly
Clear in color
100 mod plugs per bag