100 pair 110 RJ45 block

Reference#: 67981
Item#: 110-RJ45100PR


The 110 jack panel system consists of 8-pin modular jacks mounted in a metallic holder and wired to a standard 110-type wiring block. T568B wiring. 12 modular jacks on a 100-pair wiring block with mounting legs

How Terminate Wire on 110 block CAT5e Jack 110 Panel
1. Depress cables and loosely secure to terminal block or backboard at edge of jack panel.
2. Remove designation strips.
3. Position assigned cables in numbered sequence, three cables entering from each side, across the jack panel. Mark each cable at leading edge of associated connecting block.
4. Ring cable at mark and remove jacket. Exercise care not to nick or damage insulation or separate twists.
5. Holding end of cable jacket approximately 1/4 inch (6 mm) in front of connecting block and even with leading edge, insert conductors into connecting block starting with brown/white pair. It is extremely important to maintain pair twist up to the point of separation at connecting block to meet Category 5 Power Sum transmission performance. For example, If brown and white conductors are on the wrong side of each other, always provide additional twist, never untwist.
6. Check conductors. Seat and cut-off using D impact tool. Exercise caution to ensure tool is oriented to cut off excess conductor length.
7. Continue items 5 and 6 until all cables are installed.


- Pre Wired 110 Block
- RJ45 Connectors
- 100 Pair