12 Strand Singlemode LC-UPC Fiber Pigtail (3 Meter)

Reference#: 76439
Item#: FP12LCSM3M


12 Strand Singlemode Fiber Pigtail, LC-UPC, 3 Meter (9.84ft)

Fiber optic pigtails from Discount Low Voltage are great for fusion splicing inside of a fiber optic enclosure. Each strand is terminated on one end and the other end is left blunt so that it can be spliced to your drop cable to eliminate the need of pesky field terminations. Fiber pigtails are machine polished, and the result is a much lower light loss than can be achieved by hand polishing in the field. Additionally, the protective outer jacket can be removed for installation in tight spaces.


  • Length - 3 meters (9.84ft)
  • Fiber Type - Singlemode
  • Strand Count - 12 strands
  • Connectors - LC/UPC
  • Jacket: Yellow
  • Strands: Individually color coded
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