Kendall Howard 15U 18" Deep Open Frame Wall Rack

Reference#: 76479
Item#: KH-1915-3-500-15


The Kendall Howard 1915-3-500-15 18” Deep 15U Open Frame Wall Rack has a feature-rich, dual frame design making it easy for IT technicians to install. This sturdy, open frame rack permits 18” of usable depth to house network switches, ethernet patch panels , A/V devices, rackmount shelves and more. For convenient cable routing in and around the installed equipment, use any of the cable lacing points found on the top and bottom of this 2-piece open wall rack. The 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack is sleek, with a simplistic design, making it a strong and durable solution for your next network system.

  • Two-piece design
  • 18” usable depth
  • 10-32 tapped rails
  • Includes 25 rack screws
  • Ships knockdown
  • 130 lb. weight capacity
  • 19” EIA compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Features

    Two-Piece, Knockdown Design: The 1915-3-500-15 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack includes two universal top and bottom frames and two universal rails that when mounted together, form a rugged and reliable network solution.

    Cable Lacing Points: The top and bottom of the 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack feature cable lacing points making it easy to install, route, and manage network cables.

    Quick Assembly: By using a crescent wrench and a Philips head screwdriver or drill, within minutes your Kendall Howard 1915-3-500-15 Open Frame Wall Rack will be ready to install on the wall.


    Part Number: 1915-3-500-15
    Width: 20.04"
    Depth: 18.10"
    Height: 28.13"
    Weight: 20 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions: 21” L x 30” W x 4” H
    Material(s): CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
    Color/Finish: Black Powder Coated Finish
    UPC: 879447005707
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

    1915-3-500-08 Rack Includes:
    Qty 2 – Universal Top/Bottom Frames
    Qty 2 – Universal Rails
    Qty 25 – 10-32 Rack Screws
    Qty 8 – Acorn Nuts