AFL 14" x 0.75" Shoulder Eye Bolt w/ Washer and Nut

Reference#: 68128
Item#: AF-2320202


The AFL SEB-3/4-14 Shoulder Eye Bolt is 14" in length (17" overall length) and 0.75" wide. This shoulder eye bolt is ideal for use with dead end guy grips and anchor shackles for aerial support systems. The SEB-3/4-14 includes a 3 inch washer welded to the Eye Bolt. The bolt is galvanized steel, and the nut is stainless steel.


- Minimum tensile strength 18,350 pounds
- Bolt Length: 14" (17" overall)
- Thread Length: 6"
- Bolt Thickness: 0.75"
- Eye Opening: 1.25"
- Bolt: Galvanized steel
- Nut: Stainless steel