Circa Telecom Cat5E 25 Pair Lightning Protected 66 Block (fuses sold separately)

Reference#: 73574
Item#: CR-2625QC-QCE


Employing the same format as the units you’ve been installing for years, Circa Telecom now offers hybrid CAT5e protection with enhanced throughput for modern data devices. Our new 6, 12 and 25 pair Building Entrance Terminals fit comfortably into existing facilities with no alteration to the system. The units are the same size and configuration of the original Circa products, but with blazing speed. These enhanced units, loaded with our new enhanced 5-pin modules, offer the fastest throughput available providing the bandwidth power to handle everything from POTS, VOIP, xDSL and your network. The beauty of these new products is that they fit in all the same places you’ve installed a thousand times before - but with CAT5e performance, speed and simplicity.

Fuses Not Included


- 16 AWG Powder Coated Steel construction - Includes two additional pair options for standard voice or fax lines - Certified Category 5e when used in conjunction with Circa Telecom Enhanced Module Series - Underwriters Laboratory’s UL 497 Approved - Equipped with internal fuse link - Standard 5-pin module configuration (ordered separately) - Interchangeable for voice or data lines - External ground connector accepts 6 - 14 AWG ground wire - ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer