3 Meter LC-LC Duplex Multimode 50/125 OM4 40/100GB Aqua Fiber Patch Cable (9.84ft)

Reference#: 76425
Item#: FJ553MD4


3 Meter Multimode Duplex 10 Gigabit OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable

This 3M Multimode Duplex 10 Gigabit Fiber Optic Patch Cable (50/125) - LC to LC has ceramic ferrules and a 50/125 Micron core, this cable is suitable for extremely high speed data transmissions such that you would find in 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb/s) networks.

OM4 LC to LC 40/100Gb 50/125 Multimode Duplex fiber patch cables, 10Gbps 550 Meters at 850nm and 300 Meters at 1310 nm. This 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s, and 100 Gb/s transmission fiber cable has precision ceramic ferrule LC connectors for compact, high cable density environments. OM4 fiber patch cables from Discount-Low-Voltage feature a 2.0mm thick outer diameter, are OFNP plenum rated, and feature an aqua colored jacket. Short OM4 fiber cables are typically used for vertical pathways, shafts, and spaces between building floors.