Chatsworth Universal Two-Post Rack 45 RMU 19" W x 7’ H x 3" D - Black

Reference#: 76482
Item#: CPI-46353-703


The Chatsworth Products 46353-702 Universal Rack is a heavy duty storage solution for patch panels and network switches and can be used with shelves to hold computer servers. The 46353-702 two-post rack uses less floor space than a cabinet or a four-post rack. Use this Universal Rack in telecommunications rooms or equipment rooms to save floor space and hold heavy equipment. Chatsworth model # 46353-702 holds 1,500 lbs (680.4 kg) of equipment, has integrated grounding and is UL Listed.

Universal Rack supports all 19” wide rack-mount equipment and shelves and is 7ft tall (45U). Equipment attaches to the front or rear of the 3”D (76 mm) vertical mounting channels with screws. Equipment mounting positions are marked and numbered making it easy to position and install equipment or shelves.

Chatsworth two-post racks are delivered unassembled in a compact carton. This rack is easy to assemble and all components bolt together with included hardware. Assembly holes in the rack uprights are threaded and assembly takes approximately 10 minutes. Two-post racks must be secured to building structure. Universal Rack has pre-punched base angles making it easy to attach the rack to the floor with a concrete anchor kit. Use a CPI installation kit for wood, slab or raised floors.

Most Universal Rack applications require cable management. Vertical cable management attaches directly to the side of the rack. The best solution includes horizontal cable management in between patch panels and network switches to fan patch cords into individual port connections.


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