Hellermann Tyton Spiralwrap, 0.75" Diameter, PE, Black, 100ft/reel

Reference#: 70881
Item#: HT-4NFP0C


Typical Application
  • Control Cabinet Doors: Protects cable from friction when one end of the cable is fastened within the panel and the other is fastened to the panel door. Allows flexibility and prevents wire chafing when door is opened and closed.
  •  Robotics: Protects hoses and wires during movement.
  •  Pneumatic Hoses: Protects hoses from abrasion while on semi-trucks and other vehicles.
  •  Spark Plug Wires: Lengthens the life of spark plug wires by reducing abrasion to wire insulation.

Spiralwrap can be installed in two basic ways:

  • In a gapped installation, Spiralwrap is wrapped with space between the sheathing. This accommodates wire breakouts and also keeps the wire bundle flexible.
  • In a butted installation, Spiralwrap is wrapped so the sheathing completely insulates the wire bundle. This provides superior abrasion resistance and additional rigidity.


• Sheathing allows flexible routing and lead-out of cables
• The inner edges are beveled preventing damage to cables
• Sheathing is reusable and resistant to most chemicals
• Spiralwrap is U.L. Recognized


Product Dimensions

Length (L):
  •  100.0ft / 30.48m
Bundle Diameter Range ETIM (Braided Sleeving):
  • 19.1 mm - 127.0 mm
Min. Ø Bundle:
  •  0.75" / 19.1mm
Max. Ø Bundle:
  •  5.0" / 127.0mm
  • Ø D: 0.75" / 19.05mm
Wall Thickness (WT):
  • 0.065"
Wall Thickness:
  • 1.65mm
  •  0.75" / 19.05mm
  • Material and Specifications


  • Polyethylene (PE)


  • Flammable

Material Specification:

  • RoHS

Operating Temperature:

  • -76 °F to +190 °F (-60 °C to +88 °C)

ROHS Conformity:

  • RoHS (This product conforms to the RoHS guidelines)

UL Recognized (US and Canada):

  • Yes
  • Logistic and Packaging

Packaging Type:

  • Reel

Pkg. Qty.:

  • 100ft / 30.48m

Carton Qty.:

  • 100