Southwire 500FT - RG59 + 18/2 - Siamese Cable - WHITE * Only 1 Spool Available *

Reference#: 73515
Item#: TA-1535R-WHT-500


Security Camera Cable RG59 Coax 18/2 Power - Siamese

RG59 Siamese CCTV cable allows cable installers to run both the video and power to security cameras using just a single cable run. RG59 is cut by you or your installer to the exact length that you need for each CCTV Security camera run. The RG59 portion of the cable is COAX and is used to run the video signal to the security camera. The 18G/2C pair is used to run the AC or DC power to your cameras.

Notice: There is only 1 spool available. Do not add more than qty-1 to your cart.


Main Advantages of RG59 Siamese coax cable are:
  • Runs both of your signals for video and power in one cable
  • Video signal runs in the RG59 Coax cable
  • Power signal runs through 18G/2C pair
  • Works with twist-on, crimp-on, and compression BNC connectors
  • Cable run can be up to 1000ft without amplification
  • Heavily shielded to minimize interference
  • PVC - Riser rated


  • White
  • 1,000ft
  • Tappan Wire and Cable