Preformed Line Products 12 Pair Burial Cable Splice Enclosure

Reference#: 68099
Item#: 8006039


12 Pair Burial Splice Enclosure
The vial of the Super SERVISEAL Closure (up to 12-pair) comes pre-filled with POLY-BEETM Sealant, which forms a field proven (over 14 years) protective barrier around the individual splice connectors.

Two-piece design
There are no loose parts. Each SERVISEAL Closure consists of a pre-filled vial, and a cap assembly with integral insertion ram and bonding connector.

Fast, easy installation
After preparing the service wires, simply lay them within the grooves in the cap, lay the exposed cable shield within the bond connector and tighten. Splices on the individual pairs are easily organized around the integral insertion ram.

A twist & snap secures everything
The SERVISEAL Closures now have a locking feature on the threads of the vial which provides a clear indication that it is fully engaged and prevents reuse of the vial.


  • Only two components; filled vial and cap with integral ram & bond connector.
  • Octagon shaped vial for ease of application and maximum capacity.
  • Pre-filled with POLY-BEE Sealant; field proven for over 14 years.
  • Improved integral bonding connector
  • Positive locking feature to insure proper application and to discourage reuse.