AFL 9000-03-0025MZ Dry Fiber Wipes (90 pack)

Reference#: 68117
Item#: 9000-03-0025MZ


The AFL 9000-03-0025MZ dry fiber wipes are specifically designed to remove and trap common contaminants found in fiber optic installations. AFL FiberWipes provide superior cleaning results from material that is stronger and more absorbent, yet softer than traditional cellulose wipes. Packaged in a clean room, the fabric is considered “fiber optic grade”. FiberWipes come in rugged mini-tubs (90 wipes) and are the perfect size for tool kits and test kits.

Discount Low Voltage recommends using the AFL FCC2-00-0902 Fiber Cleaning Fluid to pre-moisten these fiber wipes for a superior clean with no residue.


  • Lint free
  • Fiber Optic Grade
  • Robust and tear-resistant
  • Softer than traditional cellulose wipes
  • Solvent safe, may be moistened to provide wet/dry cleaning


  • Small package footprint ideal for a laboratory or field use
  • Rugged 90-wipe mini-tub keeps wipes clean and dry prior to use
  • Octagonal cover minimizes rolling distance if dropped
  • Solvent safe; may be moistened to provide wet / dry cleaning
  • Instructions for use on the side of the tub