Dynacom 6 Port (12F) Loaded LC Multimode Adapter Panel (Aqua)

Reference#: 73500
Item#: DY-920A-LC2-6-AQ


The Dynacom 6-Port 12F Aqua Loaded LC Adapter Panel has been assembled with industry-standard adapters. The multimode adapters use high-performance zirconia ceramic and phosphorous-bronze split-sleeve inserts for minimal insertion loss contribution. A blank metal adapter panel is also available. 
Use the Dynacom 6-Port 12F Aqua Loaded LC Adapter Panel to customize wall-mount or rack-mount fiber-optic enclosures. These adapter panels are easy to snap into the enclosures, thanks to their snap-lock mounting fixtures.
·Width: 1.125”
·Height: 5.09”
·Color: Black
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Need Blue LC couplers? Try the DY-920A-LC2-6 panel.


Width (W)- 1.125 " / 28.575

Height (H)- 5.09 " / 129.286 mm

Part No.- DY-920A-LC2-6-AQ

Mfr. Part # - 920A-LC2-6-AQ

Color- Panel (Black), Couplers (Aqua)

Connector Type- LC