Corning Unicam High Performance ST Connector 62.5/125 OM1 Multimode (25 pack)

Reference#: 76417
Item#: COR-95-000-51-Z


Corning Unicam 95-000-51-Z High-performance Connector, ST Compatible, 62.5 µm Multimode (OM1), Ceramic Ferrule, Logo, 25 In Organizer Pack, Amber Housing, Beige Boot

Corning Cable Systems UniCam® Multimode StandardPerformance Connectors offer optical performance in a fast, easy field-termination solution ideal for fiber-to-the workstation applications where setup and teardown time is critical. The high-precision mechanical splice technology enables fiber optic networks to be installed quickly and cost effectively. The lightweight, handheld installation tool and the high-performance cleaver virtually eliminate human variability from installation, ensuring terminations are right the first time, every time. This kit was designed with consideration for network installers, from the cleaver, with its integrated fiber scrap bin and dual-clamp precision hold, to the installation tool, with its immediate go/no -go feedback signal. Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp, with exceptional optical performance guaranteed. Every UniCam Connector is guaranteed to meet the published specification at the time of installation or Corning Cable Systems will replace it.


ST connectors refer to having a "straight tip", as the sides of the ceramic (which has a lower temperature coefficient of expansion than metal) tip are parallel -- as opposed to the predecessor bi-conic connector which aligned as two nesting ice cream cones would. Also has a mnemonic of "Set and Twist", referring to how it is inserted the cable is pushed into the receiver, and the outer barrel is twisted to lock it into place.

ST connectors have a key which prevents rotation of the ceramic ferrule, and a bayonet lock similar to a BNC shell. ST's were predominant in the late 80s and early 90s.