*** DISCONTINUED (use AF-AE0249C520EA2) *** AFL 12 Strand Singlemode All Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable - Black (Per Foot)

Reference#: 68136
Item#: AF-AE0129C520AA4


This fiber cable has been discontinued. A replacement is available here:AFL AE0249C520EA2 24-Strand Flex-Span Singlemode All Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable

Lightweight and rugged, the AFL 12-Strand Single-Mode All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Black Fiber Optic Cable from Discount Low Voltage features a central member to strengthen the cable and a polyethylene jacket. Pole-to-pole span lengths of this ADSS cable range from 50 feet to more than 1,000 feet. 


Use this dielectric fiber optic cable for outside plant duct and aerial applications in local and campus network loop architecture. This dielectric fiber cable will deliver a comprehensive circuit infrastructure with proven and highly reliable performance. 

·Operating temperature range: -40º C to 70º C

·Torque-balanced aramid yarns

·Water-blocking system


This fully self-supporting cable requires no messenger wire or lashing, saving you time, weight and materials. Life expectancy has been estimated at up to 30 years. This product qualifies for free shipping on qualified orders. 


Enjoy Mercy’s short video review of this great outdoor product and associated hardware. Don’t forget to download the AFL spec sheet. For answers to your questions, call our expert staff toll-free or send us an email.


- Various sizes and fiber accounts available to suit your specific requirements

- Fully self-supporting - no messenger wire or lashing required

- Full complement of attachment hardware available


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