AFL 48 Strand Singlemode Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable - Black (3,281ft minimum)

Reference#: 68252
Item#: AF-LE0489C5101N1


Note: Minimum Order Quantity - 3,281ft
To order, add ANY length above 3,281ft in "Add to Cart" box.

48 Strand Non-Armored Loose Tube Cable, Single Jacket

Acting as the backbone for most of today’s fiber based systems, stranded fiber optic cables play a critical role in the high speed network. AFL’s Non-Armored Loose Tube fiber optic cables are designed to provide high fiber counts with the flexibility and versatility required for today’s most demanding installations. With fiber counts up to 576 and S-Z strand designs for easy mid-span access, AFL’s cables comply with EIA/TIA, REA/RUS PE-90 and GR-20. Industry standard designs combined with innovative technologies, such as a dry core product, yield a world class cable that will support today’s and tomorrow’s technological needs.

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Product Applications:

• Long Haul Networking

• Building Interconnections (Campus LAN)

• Trunking Lines Direct to Telecommunications Closet

• Local Loop

• Distance Learning

• Distribution

• Intra-building Backbones


Nominal Weight (lb/1000 ft)
  • 59
Nominal Outer Diameter
  • 0.41 in
Maximum Bend Radius
  • Loaded:  21 in (8.2 cm)
  • Installed: 11 in (4.1 cm)
Maximum Tensile Load
  • Short-Term:  2670 N (600 lb)
  • Long-Term: 890 N (200 lb)
Temperature Range
  • Operating: -40ºC to +70ºC
  • Storage:-40ºC to +75ºC
  • Installation: -30ºC to +70ºC
Design and Test Criteria
  • EIA/TIA, REA/RUS PE-90 and GR-20.