AFL OPN-500 Indoor/Outdoor 1-Panel Fiber Demarcation Box (6.3" x 7.8" x 2") | DM000550

Reference#: 68256
Item#: AF-OPN-500



The AFL OptiNID OPN-500 (DM000550) is an optical demarcation closure designed for use in either indoor or outdoor environments. Smaller in size to suit FTTH demarcation applications and versatile to suit Cat5 or coax connections, the fiber optic indoor/outdoor closure is capable of housing up to six bulkhead adapters in one 118 LGX® compatible adapter plate. A keystone adapter plate is available as well. Equipped with an integrated splice tray, which holds up to six single fusion splices, the OPN-500 can be either wall- or pole-mounted for ease of use and accessibility.

This demarcation fiber optic enclosure is a special type of junction box to join and protect connections from a private network to public lines. The AFL OPN-500 is made with a weather-resistant thermoplastic and self-sealing entrance point to shield interconnections against moisture, wind, UV rays, chemicals impacts and insects. The self-latching cover makes it easy to get in, and the box locks up after you.


Use a fiber optic demarcation enclosure wherever you need to form a junction between two networks that will last. Discount Low Voltage offers the OPN-500 in the ¾-inch model DM000550 with your choice of an NPT conduit fitting, compression cable fittings or grommeted entry ports depending on your needs. A ½-inch version can be special-ordered as well. More options for protecting your connections can be found on our Fiber Demarcation Box page.


This tough fiber closure will give you the function and security your network needs at our everyday wholesale prices. Bulk pricing is available as well so professional installers and property owners can get the lowest possible rate. We also offer free shipping on qualifying orders in the lower 48 states.


For more info, watch our product video below that showcases the highlights of this demarcation closure or download the OPN-500 datasheet 24/7. Our experts are available toll-free during business hours as well

Model # OPN-500

Part # DM000550

Need fiber bulkhead panels for this demarcation box? Visit the following link use the ‘Standard (LGX)’ filter: Fiber Optic Bulkhead Panels


• Weather-resistant thermoplastic alloy
• Self-latching, hinged cover design allows easy access without loose parts
• Capacity for one 118 LGX compatible adapter plate
• Provider override for customer lock
• 3/4" NPT conduit fitting, compression cable fittings or grommeted entry ports
• Includes one SC simplex adapter panel plate with one SC simplex coupler


- Dielectric Strength: Minimum 2500 Vrms for 1 minute
- High Temperature Storage/Mold Stress °F (°C): 14 days at 159 (70.55)
- Temperature Cycling with Humidity °F (°C): 150 day cycling from 40-140 (4.44-60) with 95% RH
- Impact Test °F (°C): -40 (-40), 5 ft/lbs on all external surfaces
- Drop Test °F (°C): -40 (-40), 5 ft onto concrete surface four times
- Rain: 24 hours at 10 psi
- UV Resistance (Days Exposed): 60 per ASTM-G26-84
- Salt Fog (Days Exposed): 60 per ASTM-BLL7-90
- Flammability: UL94-5V
- Chemical Resistance: 30 Days at 100°F and 95% RH. Resists chipping and/or cracking when subject to house paint, wasp spray, sulfuric acid, kerosene and sodium hydroxide
- Material: UL listed flame retardant thermoplastic alloy
- Dimensions (H x W x D) in. (cm): 6.3 x 7.8 x 2.0 (15.7 x 19.7 x 5.0)
- Cable Entrance in. (cm) diameter - Input: 1 x 3/4” NPT (1.130”), 2 x 1/2” NPT (0.875”)
- Covers: Standard, molded-in snap finger and "F" termination