Arlington Industries LV1 Single-Gang Drywall Ring

Reference#: 68284
Item#: AR-LV1


The Arlington Industries LV1 is a single-gang mounting bracket used for installations on existing construction. It acts as its own template to cut holes for phone cables, Cat5 Ethernet cables, coaxial video cables and other low-voltage wiring. Set the Arlington LV1 Drywall Ring against your wallboard, drywall or panel, and trace a line. You then cut the line and install the bracket.
The LV1 can be adjusted to wall thicknesses between ¼-inch and 1-inch, and has oval holes for shifting and straightening. Use it vertically or horizontally to install flush wall plates for all your wall boxes and cables. The non-metallic material costs less than metal brackets and meets UL standards. Note the LV1 Drywall Mounting Ring is designed for use on Low Voltage Class 2 cables only.

When you need your wall boxes and plates to look perfect, a low-voltage drywall mounting bracket will help you do so. And Discount Low Voltage sells single LV1 drywall rings instead of making you buy 10 packs or 100 packs like other stores. Buy only the amount that you need for your home or office installation and receive them in two to five days as part of a qualifying free shipping order. Other brackets are listed on our Drywall Rings page.

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This item was a Featured Product on the Discount Low Voltage Blog, so make a visit 24/7 to learn more about how it works and how to install it. For more detailed specifications, download the Arlington LV1 spec sheet or their more comprehensive mounting bracket catalog. Satisfaction is guaranteed on every order!

This item was a Featured Product on the 

Discount Low Voltage Blog


• Non-Metallic

• For communications, cable TV and computer wiring

• Cat5 listed

• Adjusts to fit .25" to 1" thick drywall, wallboard or paneling

• Bracket is its own template for cutout

• Specially designed wing flips up when mounting screw is tightened for a secure mount