Arlington Industries TL50 "The Loop" 5 inch Cable Hanger

Reference#: 68286
Item#: AR-TL50


Arlington Industries TL50 The Loop Cable Hanger

The Loop from Arlington Industries works as a hanger for communication cable support. Cables can be hung at virtually any angle, whether perpendicular or parallel, even from beams by using a standard beam clamp (not included). The ease of use and multiple mounting options allows you to save time and have more flexibility in any project.

These non-metallic cable hangers are more economically priced than traditional methods, as they are more cost effective than cable trays or J-hooks. With The Loop, you can hold a maximum bundle diameter of 5" in the largest loop, or up to 300 CAT5 cables.


  • Cost effective alternative to metal j-hooks
  • Large 5" diameter holds up to 300 Cat5e cables
  • USA Made!


Suitable for use in Air Handling Spaces (Plenum)

  •  - 01899738086
  •  - White
Loop Size:
  •  - 5"
  •  - Plastic
Number of CAT5 Cables:
  •  - 300
USA Made!
Box Qty - 25 Pieces (sold individually)