Corning (3M) Better Buried Direct Burial Splice Kit, 100/200PR

Reference#: 68295
Item#: 3M-BB3X24-8882


Better Buried Closures are rigid body splice closures designed for direct burial. When filled with 3M High-Gel Re-enterable Encapsulating Compound 8882, the closure can be re-entered for splice rework.

Additional Information:
It is suggested to use 3M Scotchlok Connectors along with the Better Buried Closures. This kit includes all necessary components and encapsulant for inline branch and butt configurations.

Kit Contents: 3M Scotchlok Shield Bond Connectors 4460-D or 4462-FN, 3M Better Buried Sleeve Kits, 3M High Gel Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882, Hose Clamps, Scotch All Weather Telephone Vinyl Plastic Tape 88T, 3M Scotchcast Spacer Web 4430 (for re-entry only), DR Tape, Sheath scuff material, Scotch Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C, 3M Scotchcast Pair Saver 4458 or 4458W, Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23, 3M Scotchcast Strain Relief Bar Kits 4465 or 4465-L, B Sealing Tape, Bonding Braid, 3M Better Buried End Caps, Funnel, Closure Body


The Better Buried Compound Compression Closure System used the compression method to force the encapsulant up the cable core to stop water ingress. The product is simple to install, comes with the spacer web and plastic wrap and is used to hold and force the encapsulant. The product is offered in different sizes to cover various cable ranges and can be easily extended and bricked.


Better Buried End Caps
Tapered end caps can be trimmed and slit for exact cable size required. Single, double and triple entry styles are available dependent on size. When adding a branch cable to an existing cable, grooved end caps can be easily split in the field and quickly released with Locking “H” strips provided in each kit.

3M Scotchcast™ Strain Relief Bars
Strain relief bars can be installed on a simple or double sheath cable to protect the splice from electrical interference and damage from the cable tension. The aluminum strain relief bar assemble includes hose clamps and an insulation sleeve.

3M Scotchcast Spacer Web 4430
Spacer web is designed to protect splice connectors by positioning them away from the closure walls. Better coverage is achieved because compound flows around the complete bundle.
• Protects splice components
• Enhanced coverage

Hose Clamps
Hose clamps secure the closure body and end caps.
• Corrosion resistant
• Easy to install
• Re-enterable


Approx. Compound Included Mass: 3000 Gram
Approx. Compound Included Volume: 3300 Millilitre
China RoHS - Below MCV: Yes
Closure Length End to End: 28.0 Inch
Cover Length: 24.0 Inch
Encapsulated: Yes
Encapsulation Method: Gravity Pour
Endcap I (max. dia.): Port 1 (1.60 inches)
Endcap II (max. dia.): Port 1 (1.60 inches) Port 2 (1.00 inch)
EU RoHS Compliant: Yes
Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter: 3.0 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening: 17.0 Inch
Product Type: Closures and Terminals
Re-enterable: Yes
RUS Listed: Yes/BA

Part Number: Corning (80611147846) BB3X24-8882/HIGHGEL
UPC: 0–00–51115–14662–6
3M ID: 80–6111–4784–6