100 Pair 24AWG Telephone Cable - PE89 Direct Burial (per foot)

Reference#: 68310
Item#: BC18920024BKGN


General Cable PE89 Direct Burial Telephone Cable provides a durable solution for underground voice cabling. This 100-pair copper Cat3 outside plant 24AWG voice cable is generally installed as aerial telephone cable between poles, in an underground conduit system or by direct underground burial. PE89 cable has foam skin installation, a polyethylene jacket and waterproofing compounds to prevent flooding, crushing or rodent chewing from damaging the wires. This gives it the toughness for direct burial when there are no ducts or conduits.

Many campuses, exchanges, manufacturing plants, industrial parks and other large commercial properties use PE89 direct burial cable for connecting to other buildings or to public lines. Hardware associated with the outside plant must be either protected from the elements (for example, distribution frames are generally protected by a street side cabinet) or constructed with materials suitable for exposure to the elements.

By installing 100-pair twisted pair Cat3 cable, you will be able to support a large telephone network. Discount Low Voltage offers these cables cut to length, and the price listed is per foot. If you need cable in a different wire gauge or twisted pair count, visit our Direct Burial Telephone Cable page.
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By using our advanced cable-cutting machinery to custom-cut your order, Discount Low Voltage can offer quality 24AWG telephone cable while only charging you for what you actually need. Add in free shipping on qualifying orders on top of our discount prices, and you get excellent value on this shielded cable.

Click on the sections above to view a Product Quick Overview video or download the manufacturer datasheet for this PE89 direct burial cable. Our blog has free information as well about choosing direct burial cable, installing it and making repairs. If you have questions or need a rush shipment, contact the DLV service team and we will make sure you’re satisfied with your shopping experience.


Core Construction:

Solid, annealed copper; size 24 AWG


Color-coded in accordance with telephone industry standards

Twisted Pairs:

Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk

Core Assembly:

25 pairs and less: pairs are assembled together in a single group

More than 25 pairs: pairs are arranged in groups, each group having a color coded unit binder

PE22 solid insulated unfilled telephone wire:

PE22 ALPETH Outside Plant voice cable is a solid insulated, single jacket air core design intended for above ground aerial installations. In this application the PE-22 cable can be attached to a support strand (messenger). ALPETH cable is not recommended for any buried or duct application, with or without air pressure.

PE89 Foam skin insulated filled telephone cable:

PE89 Filled ALPETH direct burial cable with foam skin insulation is a single jacket, filled design. Intended for direct burial underground applications. An ETPR gel compound completely coats each insulated conductor and fills the air space between conductors for an excellent direct bury application. The shielding and jacket combined with the filling and flooding compounds throughout the PE-89 cable provide exceptional durability and resistance to moisture.

PE89 flooded telephone cable is suitable for outdoor applications without the use of conduit. The cable is filled with water resistant gel and is outdoor UV resistant. The conductors are 24 awg (American Wire Gauge) and follow the industry standard color code for twisted pair cables. Direct burial telephone cable must not be run for more than 50ft inside buildings (per the National Electrical Code).

Core Wrap: Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap

Jacket: Black, linear low density polyethylene

Aluminum Shield: Corrugated, co-polymer coated, 0.008" aluminum tape applied longitudinally with an overlap

Compliance: Rural Development Utility Program(RDUP) 7 CFR 1755.890 (RUS PE-89)