Comtran 50 Pair Telephone Cable Cat 3 CMP/Plenum White – 100% US Made (per foot)

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Item#: CT-32632


Comtran 50-Pair Cat3 Plenum Telephone Cable is ideal for voice applications and is commonly used for telephone purposes. It has fewer twists than Cat5e, which makes it easier to work with when punching it down. It also has no spinal divider, like the Cat6 cable does. Cat3 plenum is mandatory to use where a plenum fire rating is required. It has a Teflon jacket rather than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and gives off less toxic fumes in a fire.
This Cat3 Plenum cable is American-made and of a much higher quality then some of the imported cable that's available online. Ordering 50-pair telephone plenum will give you the bandwidth for enterprise-level communications or for schools and large municipal buildings. The color coding of the wires is very dark and easily distinguished to make for easy punch down, even in low-light conditions. This made-in-the-U.S. cable will qualify for all product-origin specific United States Federal Government sales requirements.
In addition to voice and telephone, Cat3 plenum cable can be used for low- and intermediate-speed data networks, 10 Mbps Ethernet, 55Mbps ATM and ISDN applications. It has passed the NFPA flame test and is RoHS compliant.
What is plenum cable? 
The plenum is hidden space within a building which is used for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and to run cables. Plenum space is normally above a suspended ceiling or under a raised floor. Buildings without plenum spaces will have cabling and HVAC ducts within plain view. The plenum space is normally used to accommodate the communications wires for the building's computer and telephone networks. Recent studies have shown that wiring and cabling within the plenum space could be dangerous and be exposed to fire/burning possibilities. As such, all plenum-rated cable must meet stringent fire-resistance specifications.
When you have a large telephone, 10 Base-T, T1 or ISDN network to connect that requires cable runs through plenum areas, Comtran 50-Pair Cat3 Cable will provide bandwidth and reliability. Discount Low Voltage has many other bulk phone cable options, from 1000-foot spools of single-pair cable up to 100-pair Cat3 cut-per-foot cables. This particular cable is sold by the foot and is cut in-house. Visit our Cat3 and Telephone Cable page to see other options and learn more about them. Most cables ship within one business day and arrive in two to five days. Note that large orders ship by freight.
When you order your 50-pair telephone cable and other items from, you're benefiting from our combined 20+ years of vendor relationships, so you will be rewarded with great pricing and service on high-quality products. Our Cat3 cable prices get even better when you order in bulk.
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Suitable for:
4Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5)
10 Base-T (IEEE 802.3)
52 Mbps ATM


Application: Suitable for backbone wiring for both voice and data applications in Local Area Networks.

Compliances: UL Listed Type MPR/CMR TIA 568-B.2 Category 3 (4 pair verified UL and ETL)

Insulation: Semi-rigid PVC Jacket: Flame Retardant Chrome Gray PVC with sequential footage markings Ripcord: Applied longitudinally under jacket Operating Temperatures: -10c to +60c Voltage Rating: 300 volts Conductors: Solid bare copper

Electrical Characteristics DC Resistance (max) 9.38 Ohms/100m @ 20C Mutual Capacitance (nom) 18 pF/ft @ 1 kHz Characteristic Impedance 100 +/- 15 Ohms from 1.0-16.0 MHz

Structural Return Loss (SRL): 12dB (min) from 1.0-10.0 MHz 12-10 log (f/10) from 10.0-16.0 MHz