Backboards and Spool Boards

If you’re installing 66 blocks, Discount Low Voltage offers a big selection of 66 Block Backboards, Spool Boards and Mushrooms so you can find exactly the right product for the job. Shopping online here makes it easy to find what you need. Combining our website’s 24/7 availability with our low prices, fast shipping and personalized service makes it easy to get any 66 block job done affordably and efficiently.

We carry a range of high-quality Dynacom backboards for 66 blocks to meet a variety of installation requirements. Our Dynacom offerings include full backboards for 66 blocks, which hold eight 66 blocks, as well as half backboards for 66 blocks, which accommodate four 66 blocks. For smaller jobs, we also carry Dynacom quarter backboards, which hold two 66 blocks. All of these backboards are available in wood or metal configurations in your choice of red and green. They all include 89B brackets.

You will also find a big selection of 66 block spool boards here. Choose from Dynacom full, half or quarter spool boards. These white spool boards are available in your choice of wood or metal and offer 16, eight or four mushroom wire managers.

Looking for a fiber management spool? We offer Dynacom distribution spools, also known as mushrooms, with or without #10 wood screws. Save even more on these economical items by taking advantage of our bulk discounts.