Broadcast Permanent Install Fiber Snakes


Snakes or cable snakes, more formally known as audio multicore cables, contain multiple cables inside a strong, durable jacket for broadcasting, audio recording, PA systems and other uses. The tough skin around these individual cables provides extra protection while also simplifying cable layout, avoiding tangles and making them easier to work with.
Custom made by Discount Low Voltage, our Broadcast Permanent Install Single-Mode Fiber Snakes boast low attenuation and return loss. Tight buffered design with breakouts on each strand provide extra durability. These products are plenum rated to help you meet fire code requirements. Lashed dust caps are included with each set.

Requiring custom assembly, these cable snakes typically ship within two business days of receiving your order and are not returnable. The pre-terminated fiber cables are available with a variety of connectors, making these products useful for many applications. Products include:

·3-Channel 6F ST-ST Permanent Install SM Fiber Snake – 25’-300’
·4-Channel 8F ST-ST Permanent Install SM Fiber Snake – 25’-300’
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Get custom-made quality and choice with our Broadcast Permanent Install Single-Mode Fiber Snakes. Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff via email or our toll-free telephone number if you are looking for good advice.