Caddy CATCR50 Cable Retainer - 2" Diameter

Reference#: 70364


The CADDY CATCR50 Cable Retainer is a plastic, low-voltage cable support with an easy-lock closure and an attachment base. The new cable retainer from ERICO can be installed on walls, beams, studs, ceilings and racks – vertically or horizontally – which makes it extremely versatile. It is also suitable for airhandling spaces (plenum rating). The CADDY CATCR50 support has rounded edges to avoid over-bending and kinking of cables.

The patented closure permits cable to be added quickly and easily. The locking teeth retain bundled cable in a one-piece support. The CADDY CATCR50 is UL Listed. It also complies with the NEC, the CEC and TIASM standards. CADDY CATCR50 is designed for use with CAT 5e and higher, fiberoptic and coaxial cable in both commercial and residential applications. Installation is completed with a nail, screw, push pin or pop rivet.


  • Allows for horizontal and vertical change of direction
  • Complies with the NEC, the CEC and TIA(SM) standards
  • Installs easily\works with CAT 5e and higher, fiber optic and coaxial cable
  • Residential Application
  • Suitable for air-handling spaces (plenum rating)
  • UL Listed


Diameter :
  • 50.00 mm [Max]
Finish :
  • Polypropylene (PP)
Max. Recommended Load (N) :
  • 45 N
Standard Packaging Quantity :
  • 25 (sold individually)
Third Party Certifications :
  •  UL