Arlington Device (brush) w/Wall Plate - White

Reference#: 73301
Item#: AR-CED135WP


Arlington’s Cable Entry Devices provide an aesthetically pleasing installation, while organizing and protecting low voltage cable against abrasion. CED13 and CED130 have mounting holes that allow the attachment of a decorator-style wall plate to the low voltage side of a box...providing extra secure support for the installation.

For the best of both worlds, we added a slotted cover to our mounting bracket design to bring you a heavy-duty Cable Entry Bracket with Slotted or Brush Style Cover. Its reinforced, slotted cover holds a bundle of low voltage cable secure and allows the pass-through of even the largest HDMI connectors.

It’s the fastest way to install a bundle of Class 2 low voltage wiring, and installs quickly and easily with a hole saw, saving time and money! When tightened, mounting wing screws hold the bracket securely against the wall. Level or straighten the CE1RP bracket by rotating it, then tightening the screws.