Corning 2 Fiber Zipcord Tight-Buffered Cable, Plenum, 2.8 mm diameter, Single-mode (OS2) (Per Ft)

Reference#: 69026
Item#: COR-002E58-31131-24


Corning Cable Systems Zipcord Cables are designed for interconnect applications. Two 900 μm TBII® Buffered Fibers are surrounded by aramid yarn strength members and a flame -retardant jacket. This cable design offers mechanical durability and flame resistance that meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code® (NEC) Article 770.


Meets NEC requirements
  • Meets burn test criteria
All-dielectric strength member
  • Mechanical durability

Approval and Listings

  • National Electrical Code® (NEC®) OFNP, CSA FT-6,ICEA S-83-596

Flame Resistance

  • NFPA 262 (for plenum, riser and general building applications)



  • Indoor


  • General Purpose Horizontal, Vertical Riser, Plenum

Cable Type

  • Tight-Buffered

Product Type

  • Interconnect

Flame Rating

  • Plenum (OFNP)

Fiber Category

  • Single-mode (OS2)