Corning Unicam High Performance ST Connector 62.5/125 OM1 Multimode

Reference#: 69169
Item#: COR-95-000-51


62.5 Multimode fiber, individually packed, 2.9mm boots and 900um beige housing, ceramic furrule. Connect directly to workstations or electronics, horizontal cross-connect, intermediate cross-connect, main cross-connect.


One of the fastest connectors to terminate with no consumables means lower installation cost. Installation time is quick, on average less then one minute. No polish No epoxy. On average 0.2 dB insertion loss when installed with the Unicam Elite Tool Kit. One tool kit for all single and two fiber connector types. Factory polished end face for consistant performance and jumper built quality 100 percent tested for insertion loss. Over 35 millions units sold since 1993


ST connectors refer to having a "straight tip", as the sides of the ceramic (which has a lower temperature coefficient of expansion than metal) tip are parallel -- as opposed to the predecessor bi-conic connector which aligned as two nesting ice cream cones would. Also has a mnemonic of "Set and Twist", referring to how it is inserted the cable is pushed into the receiver, and the outer barrel is twisted to lock it into place.

ST connectors have a key which prevents rotation of the ceramic ferrule, and a bayonet lock similar to a BNC shell. STs were predominant in the late 80s and early 90s.