Corning LC Anaerobic Connector, Single-mode (OS2) 8.3/126

Reference#: 69186
Item#: COR-95-201-98-SP


Corning Cable Systems Anaerobic Cure Connectors offer optical performance in a fast, easy field termination solution designed for fiber-to-the-workstation applications for single-mode and multimode connections. This connector combines the quick cure convenience of anaerobic adhesive with the performance of epoxy-and-polish connectors. Ideal for enterprise networks and any installations requiring field installed connectors, the anaerobic cure technology enables fiber optic networks to be installed
cost effectively with minimal tools. Installation of the connector can be accomplished in minutes with the anaerobic adhesive two-part epoxy process. The adhesive is first injected into the connector ferrule and then the fiber is dipped into the primer and inserted into the connector. Curing takes only one minute without the use of lamps or ovens. With the hand polish process, an average insertion loss of 0.2 dB is achieved.


Quick-cure epoxy
  • No lamps or ovens needed
Minimal tools and no index-matching gel
  • Low installation cost
Hand polished for minimum insertion loss
  • Reliability and optical performance


  • Compliant with TIA/EIA 604-10



  • Field Polish (anaerobic)


  • No


  • Single Pack

Product Type

  • Field-Installable Connectors

Corning Logo

  • Yes

Fiber Category

  • Single-mode (OS2)