AFL 12 Strand 50/125 Multimode OM4 Indoor Armored Plenum Fiber Optic Cable - Aqua (Per Foot)

Reference#: 73591
Item#: AF-CP012C552C01-CRG-AIAP


AFL CP012C552C01-CRG-AIAP OM4 Indoor Armored Tight Buffered Cable incorporates 12 strands of 50 micron fiber in a UL listed, jacketed, aluminum interlocking armor. Jacketed aluminum interlocking armor provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility, and low weight. This OM4 cable is sold per foot, and can also be Pre-Terminated with connectors and a pulling eye for easy installation. To order with connectors, click here: Pre-Terminated Indoor Armored OM4 Fiber Optic Cable

Note: CP012C552C01-CRG-AIAP replaces old item # CP012C551C01-BIF-AIAP


  • Routing inside of buildings where additional ruggedness is required or where increased rodent resistance is required
  • Extra protection for fiber optic cables in harsh industrial environments
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • High-density routings in data center application