Circa Telecom 3B1E Gas Fuse for Analog Lines

Reference#: 69272
Item#: CR-3B1E


The 3B1E is a premium 5 pin, 3-element gas tube protector module that is designed to provide excellent transient and power fault protection for most standard telephone line applications. Circa's gas tube modules are perfectly suited to remote location and low pair count applications that require heavy duty current handling capability. The 3-element gas tube provides superior balanced protection. An over voltage condition on either side of the circuit will result in the triggering of the gas tube. The ionized gas in the common chamber provides a low impedance path to ground for both sides of the circuit. Most other industry standard gas tube modules employ dual 2-element tubes, which create a scenario where one side of the device could ionize faster than the other, resulting in a late arriving transient passing through and damaging sensitive equipment. Circa's 3-element tube eliminates this potentially costly problem.


  • Heavy duty surge handling capability 
  • Rugged, dependable operation
  • Superior common chamber design 
  • Fewer service calls than the 2 element designs
  • Balanced operation 
  • Prevents damage by “lagging” or sneak transients
  • UL and cUL listed, R.U.S. approved 
  • Fewer service calls than a heat coil design
  • Integrated test points 
  • Non-radioactive
  • Designed to meet or exceed Telcordia standards 
  • ISO9002 certified manufacturer