AFL CS010975 FASTConnect Fiber Optic Tool Kit w/ CT08 Cleaver

Reference#: 68196
Item#: AF-CS010975


The AFL Fiber Optic CT08 FAST Termination Tool Kit contains everything you need for fiber preparation of 250μm or 900μm fibers, or 2mm or 3mm cordage for AFL’s pre-polished FAST connectors. The compact, flexible but rugged carrying case includes a CT08 universal multimode/single-mode cleaver with a blade that will provide up to 48,000 cleaves as well as all the industry-standard fiber optic installation and fiber optic repair tools you’ll need for fiber preparation.
Use this handy CS010975 AFL fiber termination kit for a variety of applications, including premise environments, LAN fiber to the desk environments and patch panel/wiring closets. It will also serve FTTx applications and in quick repair/replacement areas. The kit includes:
·CT08 cleaver
·Ripley fiber stripper & Kevlar sheers
·Fiber prep cleaning cloth and lint-free cloth
·FAST SC and LC assembly tools 
·2.0mm, 3.0mm and 0.25mm cable clamps
·Strip/Cleave length template
·Sharpie permanent marker
·Instruction manual & tool case
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Enjoy Mercy’s unboxing video for more details and views of this complete repair kit. Download the tool kit spec sheet. Call us if you have questions. Order yours today!


- Field installable connectors
- Industry standard fiber preparation tools
- Compact design, flexible but rugged case
- Complete instructions provided
- Can be used in conjunction with a Fault Finder


- Premise environments
- LAN fiber to the desk environments
- Patch panel/wiring closets
- FTTX applications
- Quick repair/replacement areas

Kit Includes:
- CT08 Cleaver
- Fiber Stripper (Ripley FO103-T-250-J)
- Kevlar Shears (KS-1)
- Fiber Prep Cleaning Fluid (FPF03M)
- Lint Free Cloth (LFC301)
- Sharpie permanent marker
- Fast SC Assembly Tool
- Fast LC Assembly Tool
- Cable Clamp 2.0mm
- Cable Clamp 3.0mm
- Cable Clamp 0.25mm
- Strip/Cleave Length Template
- Installation and Assembly Instruction Manual
- Fast Connector Tool Case

Cleaver Specs:
- Applicable Fiber: Conventional silica optical fiber
- Fiber Count: Single fiber
- Coating Diameter: 0.25 to 0.9 mm
- Cladding Diameter: 125 µm
- Cleave Length: 5-20 mm with AD-50 adapter plate and 10 mm when using fiber holders
- Cleave Angle Capability: Typical 0.5˚
- Dimensions: 110(W) x 95(D)x 45(H) mm
- Weight: 185 g (0.41 lbs)
- Blade Lifetime: 48,000 fibers (1,000 fibers x 3 heights x 16 positions)