Cable Management

Setting up a large-scale network for an office, storefront, manufacturing plant, event center or other large space requires high quality low voltage cabling. Organizing those cables is critical for code compliance, trouble shooting and can eliminate tripping-induced outages or injury. and Cable & Wireless Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in cable management solutions for commercial and residential networks since 1999. We know cable management is as important as the cables themselves. That’s why we carry a number of temporary and permanent options at low prices to keep your low voltage cables grouped, shaped and protected.

No setup challenge is too small for our experts, with options to bend and twist cable in any way you desire. (We mean twist figuratively, of course – actually twisting cable is a good way to degrade it.) From simple cable ties and Velcro straps for bundling large groups of cables to cable raceways for running around ceiling and floor corners, we have something for any cabling need.

Run Ethernet cables with J-hook cable hangers, or get a Rackmount cable management panel to eliminate loose wires in server rooms. You can even run cables and wires along a building roof with a universal cable roof mount.

Inexpensive metal D-rings, clips and electrical tape will often do the job. Many of these accessories can be used in home setups.

Whenever you order new cables, make sure to pick up one or more of our low voltage cable management solutions. You’ll always be glad to have these products around for when you need them. guarantees satisfaction with your order. We are available toll-free by phone or email every business day. And our low prices truly are low, with no hidden handling fees or other surprise charges at checkout.