Reference#: 69297

Item#: CTS-CPP-4-R

Item Weight: lb
Price: $26.50
Base Price: $
Additional per foot: Price: $26.50


Additional 4" plenum rated riser tube for the CPP-4 and CPP-4-H cable penetration plates. These additional riser tubes are used in conjunction with the ceiling entry plates by Cable Tech Solutions. The ceiling entry plates hold 4" conduit in place and sits above a ceiling tile so you can easily and discreetly hold up to 3 or 6 conduits in a 2" x 2" ceiling tile. Maximum recommended ceiling tile thickness is 5/8".


  • Tube can be moved to any of six locations placing it in the exact location you need above you rack.
  • Zinc plated Steel is strong and slides to further accommodate the perfect location.
  • Assembly is supported by both the ceiling grid as well as four grid wire anchor locations.
  • Tube assembly is made from V0 rated materials!
  • Insert a 4" ridged conduit into the locking sleeve or use the sleeve as your pass though in the ceiling tile.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA!