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Item#: CTS-CPP-4

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This item is discontinued and limited to the available quantity on hand. We will not accept backorders for this item.
Replacement available: CPP-4-H 3 Hole Ceiling Penetration Plate

Gone are the days of your techs spending time building uni-strut structures to hold a couple of conduits over a rack to feed cable down from the plenum space. The CTS Suspended Ceiling Cable Penetration System holds a 4-inch conduit in place and sits above a ceiling tile so you can easily and discreetly hold up to six conduits in a 2-foot by 2-foot ceiling tile. After placing the ceiling plate in the location you want, you can run cables from the ceiling to your rack without catches or tangles.
Each plate is made of zinc-plated steel and can slide along the ceiling grid into six different positions after install. During cable runs through tile, you can use the locking sleeve as-is or insert a ridged conduit to assist with your work. The CPP-4 ceiling entry plate measures 24 inches by 15 inches and has six 4-inch cutouts. This cable penetration plate comes with one 4-inch riser tube and can hold up to six total. Additional riser tubes available (use part # CTS-CPP-4-R).We also offer the CPP-4-H Half-Size Ceiling Entry Plate which holds three riser tubes. 
The Cable Tech 6-Hole Drop Ceiling Cable Plate is a convenient, sturdy tool for anyone who wants to keep plenum-to-rack fiber optic or Cat6 cables organized, especially if you are doing a single-person install. Discount Low Voltage is the home of this and many other cable management solutions for homes, offices and municipal spaces. Other ceiling pathways for cables can be found on our Ceiling Cable Entry page. We ship in-stock items the same business day on orders placed by 2 p.m. Pacific time.
A ceiling cable entry plate will reduce installation and maintenance time, saving needed hours for contractors and businesses. Add this full ceiling plate to an order totaling $200 or more, and you will receive free standard shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.
Watch our demonstration video below to learn more about how the CPP-4 works and how to install it in your ceiling. If you can’t take a video into the ceiling with you, the installation instructions can also be downloaded, along with the data sheet and installation instructions. We back our wholesale prices with industry-leading service with the goal every customer being satisfied with their purchase.


  • Tube can be moved to any of six locations placing it in the exact location you need above you rack.
  • Zinc plated Steel is strong and slides to further accommodate the perfect location.
  • Assembly is supported by both the ceiling grid as well as four grid wire anchor locations.
  • Tube assembly is made from V0 rated materials!
  • Insert a 4" ridged conduit into the locking sleeve or use the sleeve as your pass though in the ceiling tile.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA!