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Made to seal openings and pass-throughs, firestops are crucial products for meeting safety criteria in many building applications. Discount Low Voltage carries a wide variety of firestop pillows, gaskets, thermal wrap and materials.

Applications for medium to large openings include cable bundles, cable trays, bus ducts and multiple conduits. We also carry composite sheets in different sizes. Easy to cut, these lightweight panels mount to walls and floors to make a neat, clean firestopping seal for medium and large openings.


Our firestop materials include pillows, which are adaptable, compressible cushions you can use like bricks to seal openings. Available in multipacks and many sizes, these cushions are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for cabling retrofits as well as new construction.

Our thermal wrap is a flexible wrap material particularly suited for electrical circuits and membrane penetrations, while our firestop mortar is suitable for openings of all sizes but is particularly economical and efficient for large openings. Check out our gaskets and you can find closet flange firestop gaskets suitable for firestopping 3” or 4” toilet drains.

Check out our selection of other firestop supplies 

Besides helping you complete your job up to code, these firestop materials also are convenient to install, practical and economical. Many of these products are particularly suitable for firestopping medium to large openings.

Many of these products are available in multipacks, providing significant savings and giving you all the firestopping materials you need for your work. You can take advantage of quantity discounts on some products as well.
Most of these products also are eligible for free shipping when your order meets minimum requirements for that service. In addition, orders shipped outside California require no sales tax.


Do you want to know more about a particular product? Check out our brief videos to get a close-up look at them. Downloadable spec sheets on the products pages are also available for a complete summary of technical information. If you’re still wondering which products would best fit your project, call us toll-free or email us for friendly, expert advice.