Minuteman 1U Rackmount Power Strip w/ Surge Protection |10-Outlet


Base Price: $

Price: $59.80

Additional per foot: $59.80


Maruson Technologies 1U Rackmount Power Strip w/ Surge Protection |12-Outlet


Base Price: $

Price: $67.50

Additional per foot: $67.50

DA-APSB-3 (284px).jpg

Damac Products Universal Vertical Powerstrip Rackmount Brackets (3 pack) - BLACK (Limited to quantity on hand)


Base Price: $

Price: $39.50

Additional per foot: $39.50

Rack mountable power strips provide an important component for any network configuration. These power strips contain circuit breakers that prevent potential damage to server equipment from current overload. Some strips even offer built-in suppression against power surges. The power strips we offer feature brand names such as Maruson Technologies, Minuteman and Damac Products.

Surged power unit series power strips offer a distribution of electric power. This type of technology works especially well within a data center that’s housing racks of computers and networking equipment. This rack mountable power strip has a replaceable surge protection module, as well as a built-in circuit breaker for protection from overloads. These products are available in either 10- or 12-outlet configurations.

If you need a non-standard configuration of a rack mountable power strip, contact our customer service team at Discount Low Voltage to see if a different configuration will give you even better results. For example, 15 amp options are standard in this product line, but we also offer 20 amp options. Additionally, we offer APSB brackets for mounting vertical power strip devices to the data rack.
Contact Discount Low Voltage to find the best prices and components for your rack power strips needs. The customer service team members are knowledgeable in the area of power strips, ensuring you’ll only purchase the products you need for your particular network configuration. We offer a 100 percent product satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.