Rackmount Cable Management


Keeping cables organized and protected can sometimes seem like a tall order. Tape, ties and Velcro™ are fine for quick fixes and out-of-sight areas. For visible rooms with several cables, most business owners use rackmount cable management hardware to organize and protect their cables. Discount Low Voltage has a large inventory of Hellermann Tyton, Panduit, Kendall Howard and Chatsworth rackmount cable management supplies. Organizing your cables will improve productivity by making it easier to trace connectivity problems and reduce the risk of accidental equipment damage or tripping hazards.

Rackmount cable holders are small cable channels that physically house cabling and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for a number of layouts and applications. Not only are rackmounts secure, but they’re also easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, making them a great choice for just about any professional setting. Here at Discount Low Voltage, we carry a selection of rackmount cable management equipment ideal for even the most demanding professional environments. Read on for more information about the features and benefits of our available rackmount cable management equipment and order yours from us today!


If you are looking for a professional and secure way to house your cables, there are few better choices than rackmount cable management equipment. Discount Low Voltage is proud to offer several systems for managing your cables using a server rack, storage rack or wall rack.

Enclosed horizontal cable managers

Side mount vertical cable rackmounts
Open cable manager kits
Flat cable lacing panels
Front/rear cable manager mounts

At Discount Low Voltage, we carry both horizontal and vertical rackmounts, as well as both open and closed rack mounting equipment to best meet your accessibility needs. Enclosed cable management panels and double-sided cable managers work with standard 19-inch rack mounts to provide horizontal pathways between patch panels, switches and wall ports. An open cable manager lets you quickly run large bundles of cable. If you need more precise organization, rack mount cable lacing panels, lacing shelves and lacing bars will support and separate your cables.

For vertical cable runs, we have cable managers that can mount to the front, rear, center or side of your server rack. You can find cable mounts designed for Cat6 cables, Cat5 cables, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables. All of our rackmount cable systems have features such as rounded edges and covers to prevent catching or nicking. Designed and manufactured with industrial-grade metals and plastics, the rackmounts in our inventory are available in a number of different sizes for supreme durability where you need it most.


When you need to keep large amounts of cables organized in your server room, data center or security system, use one of these rack mount cable managers. In addition to their brand-name quality, our cable rackmounts are also available now at wholesale prices. Plus, they’re backed with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, plus quick and secure shipping with no handling fees.


Visit the horizontal or vertical cable management pages for more about the advantages each has to offer. If you still have questions, our very own in-house expert customer support team is available during business hours. Find the right rackmount cable management product for your business at a price you can afford. Shop with us today!