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Item#: AF-AE0129C520AA4

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AFL AE0129C520AA4 Mini-Span fiber is a 12 strand Singlemode All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) fiber. Pole-to-Pole span lengths range from 50 feet to over 1000 feet. We may substitute 24 strand fiber if there is not sufficient supply of 12 strand fiber.

AFL Mini-Span (ADSS) cable is designed for outside plant aerial and duct applications in local and campus network loop architectures. From pole-to-build to town-town installations, the Mini-Span cabling system, which includes cables, suspension, dead end and termination enclosures, offers a comprehensive transmission circuit infrastructure with proven, high-reliability performance. As the ADSS cabling concept implies, a separate messenger support wire hanging system is not required, greatly reducing installation time and improving upfront and maintenance labor costs.


- Various sizes and fiber accounts available to suit your specific requirements

- Fully self-supporting - no messenger wire or lashing required

- Full complement of attachment hardware available


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