Belden Cable

You’ve made the smart choice coming to Discount Low Voltage for the best brands on the market. Shop now for Belden’s New Generation line of high performing cable for industrial automation and other applications.
Belden has been bringing wire-centered innovation to an interconnected world since 1902.Today Belden has an extensive inventory of networking and communication products in for a wide range of applications. With high-performance products, Belden offers only the best. At Discount Low Voltage we’re big fans of this manufacturer and their products.
Shop Belden’s New Generation cables for the best in what’s next. Their 18-gauge, PVC-shielded, paired strand cables come in two-pair stranded, two-pair stranded plenum-compliant, three-pair stranded and four-pair. We carry Belden 20-gauge, two-pair stranded and 22-gauge with two- or three-pair stranded cables.
All feature bare copper conductors, PVC insulation, paired wires, drain wire, jacket with rip cord and patented Beldfoil shield. Belden cables that are plenum-compliant feature patented Flamearrest insulation and jacket. Use these cables for security and alarm systems, commercial audio and more.
Belden’s line of industrial cables are designed for work sites that need efficient automation and reliable control. Their industrial data solution cables effectively carry heavy-hitting communication signals through manufacturing and warehouse locations.
Check out the variable frequency drive cables for use with AC motors in a variety of industrial control, commercial flow and extrusion applications. Belden’s infinity flexible automation cables, UL instrumentation cables and control cables are crafted smaller, but with the same commitment to quality.

For more by Belden, shop Discount Low Voltage for their hook-up and lead wire, multi-conductor cables, paired cables, coaxial cables, commercial networking copper cables and broadcast cables.  Free shipping on qualified orders over $200.