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Item#: CT-33572

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500 – 999$1.38
1000 +$1.26

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500 – 999$1.38
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50 Pair Telephone Cable (Cat3 PVC/CMR)

Made for riser telephone cabling applications and constructed of 100 24 gauge solid bare copper conductors with a PVC jacket. The color coding is very dark and easily distinguished to make for easy punch-down, even in low light conditions.

This made in the USA cable will qualify for all product-origin specific United States Federal Government sales requirements.

What is Riser Cable (CMR)? Sometimes referred to as PVC.

Cable which is to be run between floors in non-plenum areas is rated as RISER cable. The fire requirements on riser cable are not as strict. Thus, plenum cable can always replace riser cable, but riser cable cannot replace plenum cable in plenum spaces. Twisted-pair, coaxial,HDMI and DVI versions of cable are made in plenum and riser versions. (NOTE: Not all PVC Cable is necessarily Riser rated)

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Suitable for:
4Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5)
10 Base-T (IEEE 802.3)
52 Mbps ATM


Application: Suitable for backbone wiring for both voice and data applications in Local Area Networks. Most commonly used with 66 blocks

Suitable for: Voice T1 4Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5) 10 Base-T (IEEE 802.3) 52 Mbps ATM VG-AnyLAN ISDN

Compliances: UL Listed Type MPR/CMR TIA 568-B.2 Category 3 (4 pair verified UL and ETL)

Insulation: Semi-rigid PVC

Jacket: Flame Retardant Chrome Gray PVC with sequential footage markings

Ripcord: Applied longitudinally under jacket

Operating Temperatures: -10c to +60c

Voltage Rating: 300 volts

Conductors: Solid bare copper

Electrical Characteristics DC Resistance (max) 9.38 Ohms/100m @ 20C Mutual Capacitance (nom) 18 pF/ft @ 1 kHz Characteristic Impedance 100 +/- 15 Ohms from 1.0-16.0 MHz

Structural Return Loss (SRL): 12dB (min) from 1.0-10.0 MHz 12-10 log (f/10) from 10.0-16.0 MHz