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How To Order:
For single pre-terminated fiber, simply select length desired from drop down field, and click "Add to Cart". If you need multiple pre-terminated cable assemblies, follow above instructions, then return to the page and repeat. Multiple lengths of the same cable will be combined in the shopping cart. Please let us know what lengths you need in the "Comments" box during checkout.

This is a custom assembly, usually ships within 3 business days. This is a non-returnable item. has been selling pre-terminated fiber assemblies for 10+ years and has the experience to provide you with the custom fiber assembly required for your installation. We’ve assembled over 15,000+ custom pre-terminated fiber assemblies for Government Agencies, School Districts, Private Companies, Contractors, Telephone Companies, Military, Home Installers and more.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with just about ANY pre-terminated fiber cable you can think of. Our state of the art facility has the capability to terminate MultiMode 62.5, Multimode 50 Micron (OM2, OM3, OM4), and Singlemode fiber optic cable. Standard connector options include LC, ST, and SC. We can also terminate other connector types like MTRJ, FC, and APC type.

Pre-terminated fiber cables are used for a variety of applications. With our wide variety of fiber optic cable available, we can fulfill your requests for; Broadcasting, Mining, Wireless, Building to Building, Transportation, Oil and Gas, and more.

With a pre-terminated fiber cable from, your installation times will be reduced by 75%. These assemblies eliminate the need for on-site termination and expensive tools. These are great for beginners and professionals alike. End face inspected, insertion test results included with each pre-terminated fiber assembly, which means no more expensive testing equipment to buy (interferometer tested upon request, for additional fee). Ordering has never been easier.

Further Reading:
Visit the Discount Low Voltage Blog for a telephone contractor interview on installation of Pre-Terminated Fiber from

Pulling Through Innerduct/Conduit Questions:
Q: What size innerduct/conduit will these pre-terminated fiber cables fit through?
A: Most pre-terminated fiber cables we make fit through 1.00” innerduct or conduit. The recommended innerduct size depends on may factors though, including; fiber type, quantity of connectors, length of pull, how many turns during the pull, etc. We recommend installing 1.25” or 1.50” innerduct/conduit if the option is available.

2) Q: Will the pre-terminated fiber fit through 0.75” innerduct/conduit?
A: Maybe. We have had customers successfully pull a pre-terminated fiber though 0.75” innerduct/conduit, but we do not recommend this unless you have NO other option. Please specify when ordering if you require a pre-terminated fiber that will fit through 0.75” and we will do our best to accommodate. You may still need to modify the pulling loop before installation.


  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Test results included
  • Cost effective installation
  • Higher reliability
  • Up to 75% reduced installation time
  • Staggered connectors
  • Heat shrink tubing added for additional strength on pulling assembly
  • Strong kevlar pulling eye
  • Fewer technicians required at the job site
  • Quick turnaround
  • Highly competitive pricing


  • 12 Strand (only 6 strands terminated with connectors)
  • 62.5/125
  • ADSS Self Supporting Outdoor
  • Black Jacket
  • Loose Tube Design


  • LC Connectors on both ends
  • Pulling Eye on leading end included