Cat6 Patch Panels


Cat6 patch panels open up new possibilities for network management and data communication. Class E category 6 cables and connectors are the leading choice for Ethernet and broadband connections up to 10 gigabits. Our patch panels for Cat6 cabling exceed connecting hardware specifications for any frequency combination up to 250 MHz.

Category 6 cables have stricter standards for reducing system noise and alien crosstalk more than Cat5 or Cat3, which means less network interference and better performance. Both wall mount and rackmount cat 6 patch panels come ready for keystone jacks to be installed for computers, routers and other connections.


Add a Cat6 patch panel to a network server and support fast data, voice and video connectivity for more devices. Panels are available in multiple sizes with port identification labels to organize your connections.

High-density Cat6 panels
Economical Cat6 panels
6-port, 12-port, 24-port, 48-port and 96-port panels
Rackmount and wall mount Cat6 patch panels

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When you need to support fast network speeds with less return loss, use a Cat6 patch panel that comes at a low price and is easy to install.

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