Compression Tools


Eclipse Adjustable Compression Tool For RG59, RG6: F-type, BNC, RCA


Base Price: $

Price: $29.99

Additional per foot: $29.99

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Ideal OmniSeal Pro XL Compression Tool


Base Price: $

Price: $69.95

Additional per foot: $69.95


Ideal Industries Hand Tool Tether


Base Price: $

Price: $9.95

Additional per foot: $9.95

When adding connectors to your coaxial cables, it’s important to have the proper equipment to get satisfactory results. No matter what kind of connectors you’re working with, our commercial supply team here at Discount Low Voltage has the compression tools you need for fast, easy and accurate connector compression. Read on to learn more about our available coaxial compression tools, and find the perfect product for your home or business from our inventory!

Compression for all Connectors

With a wide range of coaxial cable connector types in use today, it can be difficult to stock your toolbox with compression tools for every application. To help you out, our supply team here at Discount Low Voltage proudly carries coaxial compression tools for all types of connectors. In our inventory, you’ll find brand-name compression equipment for RG-59 and RG-6(5C) F, BNC and RCA compression connectors, as well as RC11 and Mini Coax cables. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s top cabling brands, including Eclipse and Ideal, our available coaxial compression tools are a must-have for those looking to build their own coaxial cables for private or commercial use.

Wholesale Pricing. Comprehensive Customer Service.

At Discount Low Voltage, we want our customers to have the best buying experience possible when shopping with us. That’s why we stock our inventory with brand-name products and make them available at wholesale prices for some of the best deals available anywhere. We also back each and every one of the products in our inventory with 100 percent guarantees, 24-hour safe and secure shipping, and friendly and knowledgeable customer service from our very own in-house customer support team. For brand-name coaxial cable compression tools and other cabling and electrical equipment, shop here at Discount Low Voltage for the best prices and best service anywhere on the internet.