110 Blocks

If you are looking for efficient and simple connections for PBX, telephone and other low-voltage terminal equipment, 110 blocks offer a sensible solution. These advanced punch blocks provide a high density of terminations for a phone wire connector block. At Discount Low Voltage, we carry a big selection of 110 wall-mount, rack-mount, prewired wiring blocks and clips made by leading manufacturers like Dynacom and Siemon. Our wide assortment of 110 blocks means you can find exactly what you need to suit your situation.

Our wall-mount 110 blocks are available in 50-pair, 100-pair and 300-pair versions with or without legs. You can also purchase 110 block kits here that come complete with wiring clips, legs and label strips.
The Dynacom 110 rack-mount blocks we carry are available in 100-pair, 200-pair and 300-pair kits that combine category 5e performance with unbeatable features. Each of these kits includes a rack-mountable 110 wiring block, five pairs of connecting clips, labels and label holders. 

For your convenience, we also offer prewired 110 RJ45 blocks, available in 100-pair or 300-pair configurations. We also carry all the handy 110 block accessories you’re looking for, like Dynacom connecting blocks, Siemon test adapters and label strips and holders.

Most of these products are eligible for free shipping, if they meet basic requirements. We’ve got your back on anything you purchase from us with our guarantee of your complete satisfaction.


Click on the product pages to find specifications and data sheets. Some pages even include instructions on how to correctly terminate wire on 110 blocks. In addition, several pages include brief, informative videos that will give you a closer look at the highlights of each product.

Have questions? Don’t be shy. No question is too simple, even if you just are wondering, “What is a 110 block?” Just call us toll-free during normal business hours or email us for quick, helpful answers from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Since 1999, we have been helping customers find the right solutions for their networking, telco and other low-voltage applications. We can do the same for you.