Cat5e Patch Cables

The Cat5e Ethernet patch cables offered here at are premium-quality cables. That means these patch cords will provide high speeds and top performance day in and day out, no matter what electronic devices you connect with them. 

Capable of serving many popular uses in residential, business or commercial spaces, these 350MHz patch cables will provide superior operation wherever and however you use them. Each of these patch cords comes with 24 AWG four-pair stranded copper conductors and an RJ45 male molded boot at each end. 


These patch cords boast a host of uses in homes and businesses. They can distribute voice, video or data through home, office or installation points. Our Cat5e patch cords are ideal for home or office network computers, and are popular with gamers for connecting their consoles to the internet via cable modem, router or other devices for online playing with popular systems like Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

We stock a big selection, giving you the latitude to find exactly what you need for your situation. Choose among more than a dozen lengths from as short as 6 inches to as long as 100 feet. Pick from 10 colors.

These patch cords are usually in stock, so we normally can ship them to you within one business day of receiving your order.


Thanks to our low overhead, we are able to offer these patch cords at wholesale prices. You can save even more if you take advantage of the quantity discounts we extend on these products. Free shipping is also available on qualifying orders — click on our shipping link for details.


You’ll find complete descriptions and specifications on the individual product pages. Make sure to check out the customer reviews posted there too.

Have questions about these patch cords or queries of a more general nature for the project you’re planning? Call us toll-free or email us. We’re here to help. Our expert staff can save you time, money and hassles.