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Item#: AF-911444-00-00

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Price: $1,311.99
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Additional per foot: Price: $1,311.99


The LightLink (LL) 470 fiber optic demarcation unit is designed for the interconnection and demarcation of optical fibers between two separate network providers. The cabinet is a NEMA 3 rated enclosure constructed with weathertight gasketing and "free breathing" components for an indoor/outdoor pole or wall mounted application.

Two unique fully secured individual compartments are designed to support up to 72 optical terminations and splices. Each compartment has two self-sizing grommets which allow for expressible 0.3-1.0" diameter cable. Designed to allow for accessing the providers network for testing, performance monitoring, and fault isolation. Each side houses up to three 24-fiber fusion splice trays (two LL-2448 Splice Trays are provided).


Durable and scratch resistant Powder coated antique white finish Cost-effective Pole or wall mounted Indoor or outdoor installation Removable independently locking doors