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Notice! AFL FPF1 has been discontinued and replaced with AFL FCC2-00-0902. Limited to quantity on hand.
Order here: AFL FCC2-00-0902 Fiber Cleaning Fluid

The FPF1 Fiber Preparation Fluid from AFL is the perfect fiber cleaning fluid for any termination or splicer kit. FPF1 is a non-flammable, environmentally safe, solvent engineered to clean fibers after stripping, before fusion splicing or field termination. It out performs alcohol without the health and safety risks. FPF1 fluid is engineered to provide the same familiar "squeak" when the fiber is clean so, technician require no retraining.

There is no need to stop and purchase IPA on the way to the job site. FPF1 Fiber Preparation Fluid can by shipped with your fusion splicer anywhere by any method. A new and improved design of the 3-way dispenser intended for easy one-handed use with fiber wipes, convenient wetting of CCT connector cleaning tips, and spray nozzle functionality. Packaged in unique, spill-proof containers, it can be shipped with tool kits so technicians avoid wasting time sourcing a cleaner locally. 

Offering high purity and fast consistent cleaning, FPF1 was developed with and is packaged by MicroCare Corporation, a world leader in cleaning solvents

Cleaning Facts:
• Cleaning Saves Time and Money!
• Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures. 
• Prevention is simple – Clean Connectors! 
• Proper cleaning saves money – by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
• Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs
• Clean connectors maximize the performance of the network and reduce repair cost


- New 3-way dispenser Easy one-handed wetting of AFL Fiber Wipes Convenient wetting of AFL Connector Cleaning Tips Precision application of cleaner in tight spaces with removable 3-1/2 inch (9cm) extension spray tube (included)

- High purity cleaning fluid is double filtered to 0.2 microns for consistent cleaning performance

- Dries without a residue

- Low odor

- Can be shipped with the fusion splicer anywhere, any method

- No need to stop and purchase IPA on the way to the job site

- Works better than alcohol without the drawbacks

- No retraining required – Fluid is engineered to provide the same familiar “squeak” when fiber is clean

- ESD Safe, quickly reduces local static buildup

- Hermetically sealed container, impossible to contaminate

- Multifunctional, also safe and effective for cleaning electrical contacts and electronic assemblies

- U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending


Ozone safe, environmentally safe, US EPA SNAP approved

Rugged, spill proof dispenser


Not Pressurized

Excellent materials compatibility; safe on metals, glass, cured epoxies and plastics

NFPA Health = 1, Flammability = 0, Reactivity = 1

Not Hazardous/Not Regulated for all modes of transport including air-cargo

Eliminates HAZMAT waste disposal expenses

May reduce insurance costs

How To Use:

1.Wet lint-free fabric by spraying FPF1 cleaning fluid two or three times.

2. Fold wet fabric over the glass strand(s), firmly pinch and slide the glass strands through the fold (toward the cleaved end).

3. Glass strands are clean when the wetted fabric “squeaks” when performing step #2.